tax extension

Tax Filing Extensions For Some And Maybe For All

Taxes Are Due April 15th. Maybe. With the 2018 April 15th tax filing deadline just a month away there are those in Washington and other parts of the country hoping to have […] Read More

filing taxes

Taxpayers Afraid To File Due To FOO (Fear Of Owing)

This year many taxpayers are genuinely afraid to file their taxes. And, with good reason. The horror stories that are coming out on social media are enough to frighten anyone. As it […] Read More

tax refund

Refunds Set To Go-Go

At first it appeared that tax refunds would be withheld until the government shutdown was lifted. Many taxpayers were pretty worried. However, now taxpayers can do their happy dance! It has just […] Read More

tax deductions

Be Sure You’re Not Counting On Deductions That Were Eliminated

Late last year the new tax bill went into effect and there have been a lot of changes made between then and now. It’s important to review what changes are likely to […] Read More


Legally Thankful

In this amazing life, there are so many things for which we can be thankful. Our families and friends, our work, our homes, our health. But, in general, one of the most […] Read More

tax updates

Update: Hurricanes, Heisters And Other Heinous Human Acts

Mother Nature certainly had her way with the Florida Panhandle, as well as the Carolinas, Virginia and Maryland coastlines this year. And, when Mother Nature strikes, the IRS has no recourse but […] Read More

tax evasion

Art Dealer Tries To Make An Art Of Tax Evasion

Sometimes it seems the more successful one is, the more they think they may be entitled to privileges the rest of us are not privy to. For instance, one highfalutin’ New York […] Read More

tax scammer

Don’t Think You Can Outsmart Scammers

It’s been tried more times than you can imagine. A scammer calls to try to get you to part with some of your hard-earned money by telling you that you owe the […] Read More

alternative currency

It’s Not Monopoly Money Anymore

I couldn’t resist using the quote I read in a NY Times piece about the confusion over taxes and cryptocurrencies as the title of this article. The statement brings what started out […] Read More

IRS collections

IRS Private Collection Agencies Get Bum Review

In January 2017, the IRS decided to, once again, hire private collection agencies to handle delinquent taxpayer accounts. (I wrote about this in my January 2017 blog The IRS is Handing Delinquent […] Read More