Tax Season

We May Be Headed for a Less Stressful Tax Season

With tax season gearing up, you can almost feel the stress level rise all around. However, if the new President is able to fulfill his promise to American taxpayers with his “Middle […] Read More

Depending on Your IRS Tax Bill, You Could Plug Into Substantial Savings

Photo Credit:Flickr/felixkramer With just a few more weeks left in 2016, you still have time to take advantage of a program that offers substantial tax savings. If you purchase an electric plug-in […] Read More

Tax Rules

Basic Tax Rules That are Unlikely to Change Under Trump

Now that we have a new President who’ll be taking office this January, we can expect some changes to the tax rules coming down the pike. However there are several areas that […] Read More

529 Savings

First Time Freshman Parents and 529 Savings Tax Benefits Tips

You did the smart thing and started a 529 College Savings Plan for your child and now your kid is finally off to college. It’s time to start using that money and […] Read More

Back to School

Going Back to School Can Make The Going Easier at Tax Time

Whether you’re sending your kid to college, kindergarten or anywhere in between, you might be able to claim a few substantial tax deductions. Perhaps you’ve even decided to go back to school […] Read More

victimized taxpayers

The Good, The Bad and the Plain Ugly News for Victimized Taxpayers

Photo Credit:Flickr/ From the IRS’s perspective, it sure sounds like the massive government agency is doing a pretty decent job of protecting taxpayer information from cyber-criminals. Even though the tax scam artists […] Read More

Haven’t Victims of Data Breaches Been Taxed Enough?

During the 2014 tax season we were all reminded, almost on a daily basis, about the numerous data breaches that occurred. It seemed that the identity of every taxpayer was at risk. […] Read More

Congress Not Needed. IRS Adopts Its Own Taxpayer Bill of Rights.

Back in the 1990’s Congress passed a taxpayer bill of laws twice. However, the IRS took the initiative to adopt one this year without being forced to by Congress.  Perhaps the overwhelming […] Read More

Procrastinators Get Four Extra Days To File Tax Returns

It may not seem like much, but to hardcore procrastinators four days could seem like heaven especially when it comes to getting taxes filed without an extension. Here’s how that works. Because […] Read More

Get a Leg Up On Getting The Best Tax Breaks

Generally speaking, there is a bit of a lull in work and celebrating during the week between Christmas and the New Year. This is a great time to start preparing for tax […] Read More