tax scam

New Tax Scam Deposits Refunds In Your Bank Account

I have to say, it’s difficult keeping up with the criminal mind! Just when you thought you’d heard of every tax scam imaginable, another one pops up. And this one is trickier, […] Read More


Don’t Get Caught With Too Little Taxes Withheld

Everyone, from the IRS to huge payroll companies and owners of small businesses, has been scrambling to get the new tables for withholding taxes enacted. The IRS released the tables recently “amid […] Read More

Tax Bill

What The New Tax Bill Means For 2017 Tax Season

Everyone is talking about it – the New Tax Bill that was signed into law on December 20, 2017. And the question most people are asking is, “Will it affect my 2017 […] Read More

health insurance

Your Healthy Business Could Be In Big IRS Trouble

If you have 50+ employees and do not offer your workers health insurance, you could be getting a letter from the IRS that could affect the health of your business. According to […] Read More

Tax Season

This Coming Tax Season Could Make You Sick

It’s no joke. Tax season is typically nerve wracking on its own, but for this upcoming tax season there are a couple of things happening at the IRS that are bound to […] Read More

Hurricane Irma

Tax Reprieve Extended To Hurricane Irma Victims

NPS Photo/Public Domain First Harvey hurled himself into Texas and the Gulf Coast completely wreaking havoc in his wake. Then Irma blew in with her wrath across the Caribbean and the entire […] Read More

estimated taxes

Did You Underestimate Your Estimated Taxes?

If you did underestimate your taxes don’t worry, you have plenty of company. The IRS has estimated that roughly 10 million taxpayers underestimated the amount of taxes they owe between 2007 and […] Read More

scare tactics

Did You Fall For Tax Firm’s Scare Tactics Or Unrealistic Guarantees

Many of our clients come running to us after they’ve “worked” with another ‘tax resolution’ firm. Those ‘other tax resolution firms’ very often rely on scare tactics or unrealistic ‘guarantees’ to attract […] Read More

tax scam

Beware An Old Tax Scam With Yet A New Twist

Summertime, and the living is easy, or so it would be if the tax fraud criminals weren’t so enterprising. That’s right, the bad guys (and/or gals – I’m aware that criminal behavior […] Read More

Tax Refund

Reasons Why You Haven’t Received Your Tax Refund

So, you filed your 2016 tax return and were happy to see a big fat number in the refund column. You started making all kinds of plans for that money. Here we […] Read More