tax scammer

Don’t Think You Can Outsmart Scammers

It’s been tried more times than you can imagine. A scammer calls to try to get you to part with some of your hard-earned money by telling you that you owe the […] Read More

alternative currency

It’s Not Monopoly Money Anymore

I couldn’t resist using the quote I read in a NY Times piece about the confusion over taxes and cryptocurrencies as the title of this article. The statement brings what started out […] Read More

IRS collections

IRS Private Collection Agencies Get Bum Review

In January 2017, the IRS decided to, once again, hire private collection agencies to handle delinquent taxpayer accounts. (I wrote about this in my January 2017 blog The IRS is Handing Delinquent […] Read More

International Taxpayers

Scam Update: A Warning For International Taxpayers

This time the criminals are targeting foreign aliens and international taxpayers – again. Yes, the IRS has said that it seems the crooks are recycling some of their old tricks while adding […] Read More

fraudulent returns

What The IRS Is Doing To Stop Fraudulent Returns And New Tax Scams

In the past few years, as tax season approached the deadline, it has been typical for cyber criminals to step up their game. This year is no exception according to The Internal […] Read More

tax filing

Springing Forward Into March Madness And Tax Filing Deadline

We’ve ‘sprung’ forward, we’re nearing the tax filing deadline and some of you may feel like you’re in the middle of what can only be described as March madness. And, it has […] Read More

tax scam

New Tax Scam Deposits Refunds In Your Bank Account

I have to say, it’s difficult keeping up with the criminal mind! Just when you thought you’d heard of every tax scam imaginable, another one pops up. And this one is trickier, […] Read More


Don’t Get Caught With Too Little Taxes Withheld

Everyone, from the IRS to huge payroll companies and owners of small businesses, has been scrambling to get the new tables for withholding taxes enacted. The IRS released the tables recently “amid […] Read More

Tax Bill

What The New Tax Bill Means For 2017 Tax Season

Everyone is talking about it – the New Tax Bill that was signed into law on December 20, 2017. And the question most people are asking is, “Will it affect my 2017 […] Read More

health insurance

Your Healthy Business Could Be In Big IRS Trouble

If you have 50+ employees and do not offer your workers health insurance, you could be getting a letter from the IRS that could affect the health of your business. According to […] Read More