No Deduction Denied

With the 2020 tax season bearing down upon us, the Internal Revenue Service has issued some good news for small business owners who received PPP Loans under the 2020 Cares Act. In […] Read More

T’is The Holiday Scam Season And A Covid-19 Scam Tops The List

Be very careful as we move deeper into the holiday season. On top of the pandemic, unemployment, and economic insecurity, the last thing anyone needs is to be scammed out of important […] Read More

A Time To Be Thankful

Boy, oh boy, what a year this has been. Everyone who is still above ground has much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving season. Honestly, for those of us in the central […] Read More

COVID Continuation Inspires IRS To Expand Tax Resolution Options

Earlier this year, in fact right before tax season, when COVID-19 caused the entire country to shut down, the IRS knew right away that many taxpayers were going to have trouble meeting […] Read More

Now Everyone Gets To See How The Wealthiest “Legally” Avoid Paying Taxes

The entire country has been waiting to see if the President would turn over his tax returns. Now, nearing the end of his term, he has turned them over. It has been […] Read More

A Taxing Year Of Sucker Punches From A Global Pandemic And Three Hurricanes

We never saw it coming. That’s about all that can be said about the devastating events that we’ve experienced and will continue to live with this year and beyond. And, I can […] Read More

Possible Penalty Relief For Those Who Missed Sept. 15 Corporate Tax Deadline

If your business’s fiscal year-end is June 30 and you missed the corporate tax filing deadline on September 15, you may be able to avoid paying penalties if you missed the deadline due to COVID-19 […] Read More

Payback Is Hell

Remember this saying when considering whether or not to follow the Executive Order of the deferral of employee Social Security Tax. The deferral may sound good to you as an employer and […] Read More

A Tax Break For Tough Times

Coronavirus is teaching everyone about tough times. And, for those of you who’ve had the wherewithal, the discipline and the foresight to establish a retirement plan to make smooth sailing of your […] Read More

Millions Of Americans Try To Hang On While Waiting For Second Stimulus Check

Millions of Americans are trying to make ends meet and avoid eviction while the government bickers over subtle differences in proposed second stimulus packages. Families are desperate to keep food on the […] Read More