IRS social media

Get Social With The IRS

The Internal Revenue Service is not the kind of bureaucratic organization one thinks of as being “social.” Yet, come to find out the IRS has a Facebook page and a Twitter account. […] Read More

Wesley Snipes

Yipes For Snipes

           Photo Credit: nicolas genin  Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License Even though movie star Wesley Snipes spent three years in prison for not filing tax returns, he is now embroiled in […] Read More

medical marijuana

High Or Stupid?

With the legalization of medical marijuana dispensaries in Florida in 2017 there is much to be learned from those in other states who’ve been at it for years. One such lesson comes […] Read More

offshore voluntary disclosure

IRS Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program Ending This Month

Okay taxpayers, it’s time to ‘fess up if you have any offshore accounts. I mean personal or business. First of all, let me assure you that it’s not illegal to have offshore […] Read More


Your Spouse Embezzled Money And The IRS Taxes You

I just read a great story about a man whose wife embezzled $500,000 and the IRS tried to tax him for her criminal behavior! He did not take it lying down. In […] Read More


How The IRS Is Cracking Down On Cryptocurrency Holders

In the financial world cryptocurrency is all the buzz. With so much talk you’d think everyone would be diving in for some of the unbelievable sounding rewards. The IRS seems to think […] Read More

tax scams

Don’t Fall Prey To The Scammer-Time Blues

Again, just on the last day of May, and the beginning of summer, the IRS warned taxpayers not to let their guard down when it comes to scams. Scammers know the long, […] Read More

Can't Pay Taxes

What To Do When You Just Can’t Pay Your Taxes

Well, we’ve made it through another tax season. Congratulations to all you taxpayers who filed on time and paid what was required. For those who were entitled to a refund and received […] Read More


Don’t Let Your Financial Information Get “Smished”

You’ve probably heard of ‘phishing’, the email ploy that scammers have been using for years to get personal information that helps them steal identities and file false tax returns. And, it comes […] Read More


Not So Secret Anymore Cryptocurrency Accounts Exposed To IRS

The allure of cryptocurrencies began quietly in 2008, allegedly created by someone called ‘Satoshi Nakamoto.’ A small group of mostly technologically sophisticated people were aware of cryptocurrencies. Before long though, a mystique […] Read More