Programs To Help Small Business And Taxpayers Navigate Through Uncharted Territory

We’re living in an unprecedented time. No doubt this COVID-19 pandemic is the most devastating event that those of us living today are likely to experience. We thought 9/11 was the singular […] Read More


The IRS Is Making House Calls

That unexpected knock at your door could be the IRS. Do not be mistaken. A house call by the IRS is not like a house call made by a doctor in the […] Read More

gift tax

Uncle Sam Sweeps The Oscars

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tax filing

Calling All Early Birds For The Official Start Of 2019 Tax Filing Season

The IRS has announced the official opening of the 2019 tax filing season. They will begin accepting and processing tax returns on Jan. 27, 2020. As always, there are quite a few […] Read More


You May Be Surprised To Discover That The IRS Has Christmas Spirit

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The Season Of Thanks And Giving And Scamming

There’s a new tax scam just in time for the holidays. Just in time for the first festive celebration of the holiday season, The Internal Revenue Service is cautioning taxpayers as well […] Read More

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Expect Big Penalties If You Miss The October 15 Tax Filing Extension Deadline

Perhaps you knew you were going to need more time and you actually filed IRS Form 4868 on or before the April 2019 filing deadline. Good for you, if you did. That […] Read More


Small Cryptocurrency Players Not In IRS Crosshairs

The IRS is setting their sights on cryptocurrency. Last month I wrote about letters the IRS was sending out to more than 10,000 taxpayers who are also holders of virtual currencies. (See: […] Read More


The IRS Is Making One Thing Crypto-Clear

Have you joined the cryptocurrency boom? If you currently have or have had a cryptocurrency account and invest in, trade in or otherwise do business in cryptocurrencies, you must report that activity […] Read More

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Summer Jobs Teach Teens About Taxes

So your kid has landed a summer job. Great news! A first summer job that requires a kid to fill out a W4 form is exciting and also eye-opening since this is […] Read More