Did You Fall For Tax Firm’s Scare Tactics Or Unrealistic Guarantees

scare tactics

Many of our clients come running to us after they’ve “worked” with another ‘tax resolution’ firm.

Those ‘other tax resolution firms’ very often rely on scare tactics or unrealistic ‘guarantees’ to attract clients and a good many taxpayers fall for them.

When the bedraggled refugees that have barely survived their experience with the other companies finally come to us, they are often in worse trouble than when they started. Then we have the double job of calming down terrified clients and cleaning up the mess the other company has made.

We don’t mind. We know what we’re doing and we would rather clean up the mess than cultivate the confusion.

If You’re Working With Another Tax Resolution Firm

If you are currently working with another tax resolution firm, before you get in too deep here are some things to consider. If you discover the company is not working with your best interests at heart, give us a call.

How long has the company been in business?

Today, with the burgeoning business of tax fraud, many tax companies operate illegally and eventually become the focus of an investigation or class action lawsuit. The business shuts down before any legal proceedings can get started, the company is renamed, and they open again in another state.

We have been in the same location since we started, and we’re not going anywhere. So make sure you do your research and find out as much as you can about the company to whom you intend to turn over your valuable financial information.

Do they help you fill out forms?

You gave the firm a power of attorney form and have opted to work with them. Now what have they done for you? Did they ask you to fill out a 433A form on your own?

A 433A form needs to be filled out with the assistance of your tax professional. Otherwise, you could become liable for even more tax penalties.

Are you sure they filed returns for outstanding tax years?

Some tax firms will actually take your credit card information over the phone, and promise to file your back tax returns. Don’t assume it’s been done until you have verification from the IRS. And make sure the firm provides you with a copy of the returns they said they filed.

If you are currently working with some other tax firm and you are unhappy with their representation, their ethics or values, contact us to discuss your current situation and find out how reputable and experienced tax attorneys and tax professionals represent their clients.

WE sit by your side and make sure all forms are filled out properly. We provide verification of everything we do. And, most importantly, we make you feel confident that your tax issues will be handled properly. After all, having IRS issues is stressful enough. You want a tax resolution firm that will reduce the stress not increase it.

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