Here’s To The Merry Month Of May, Mom, TAXES, And Memorial Day

May is one of the most pleasant months of the year. To me, it is the ‘gentle’ month. The early volatile spring weather is behind us, as is tax season. And hurricane season is a full month away. In early May (this Sunday, May 9th) we get to celebrate our dear mothers. Then for the remainder of the month, we simply enjoy all the pleasures associated with the end of spring as we ease into the lazy, hazy days of summer and set our sights on a fun-filled Memorial Day weekend with loved ones. Everyone is feeling a little more relaxed as some people are getting vaccinated and restrictions are being loosened a bit.

This year, though, we also have to squeeze our tax returns right into the middle of the month.

If you missed filing early, you were probably relieved to learn that the IRS extended the filing and paying date until May 17th due to ongoing challenges presented by the pandemic. So, if you are rushing to get your tax returns filed on time, the merry month of May probably has just a tinge of tax anxiety associated with it this year. While it is unusual, it is also welcome, just this once. 

It is important not to miss this date in order to avoid late fees and penalties. If you have not yet filed, don’t put it off a minute longer. Give our office a call and let us help you meet the deadline so you can relax and look forward to celebrating the start of summer.

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