Legally Thankful


In this amazing life, there are so many things for which we can be thankful.

Our families and friends, our work, our homes, our health. But, in general, one of the most satisfying blessings I can think of to be grateful for is to be on the right side of the law. In the work that I do that means being on the up-and-up with the IRS. Of course, being on the right side of the law in all ways is a great thing too.

If you are behind in filing or paying your taxes, chances are you are not sleeping well. I have helped so many clients untangle themselves from IRS trouble and for that I am eternally thankful. It is the most satisfying and gratifying feeling in the world to help clients who have spent too many sleepless nights fearing for the well-being of themselves and their families due to falling behind on paying their taxes or fear of filing their taxes. Many people literally become ill or destitute because of unfulfilled tax obligations. This is no way to live.

Individuals And Businesses

Whether you file an individual tax return, or you own a business, you have an obligation to file your federal tax returns. And, as a business with employees, you have an obligation to file payroll taxes. Many businesses get into hot water with the IRS because they do not file payroll tax returns or neglect to pay their payroll taxes. That is a criminal offense that can lead to fines and imprisonment. And, for anyone with a conscience, living under the burden can wreak havoc on one’s health and well-being.

Give Yourself A Great Reason To Be Thankful This Season

Do you have unfiled individual or payroll tax returns? Do you owe taxes that have not been paid? Do you need help figuring out what you owe, when to deposit and how to pay your individual or employment taxes? If you answered “yes” we can help give you a great reason to be thankful this season.

We work with the IRS day in and day out. We help people who are in similar situations untangle themselves and we help set you straight so that you stay out of the IRS’s sight line. We help you sleep better and feel better by relieving you of a burden you simply don’t know how to handle. Wouldn’t you just love to be legally thankful?

Everyone deserves to breathe easily and to live stress free. No one really deserves to live under the kind of stress that being in fear of the IRS creates. (Well, unless you are truly a criminal and are always looking for trouble.)

To IRS enforcement and collections officials unfiled and unpaid payroll taxes represent the most serious type of taxpayer case. It’s pretty much right up there with tax evasion. Failure to pay employment taxes is viewed as employee theft by the IRS. That is, theft from the employee by his or her employer. If you are in this situation, this is the time to seek professional, experienced legal representation. Give IRSALLSTAR a call and let us get you back on the right side of the IRS and give you something your entire family can be grateful for this season.

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