Time Keeps On Slipping Into The Future

Even while the entire world was brought to a standstill early this year by the COVID-19 pandemic, as the lyrics to the Steve Miller Band song go “time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping into the future.” And there’s not a darn thing anyone can do about that. We just have to face forward and keep moving along.

In the early part of the year, when we first started hearing about the COVID-19 virus, it felt as if everything was moving in slow motion. And now, after going through not only the pandemic, but three hurricanes in our neck of the woods, here we are at the end of the year facing the fresh canvas of a New Year. We don’t want to forget what suffering and challenges this year has wrought. But we sure don’t want to drag that with us. The image of a dog coming out of the water comes to mind. Maybe we can just shake off the effects of 2020 as well as a dog shakes water out of its hair.

There is no question that the effects will linger. We still have to be careful and respectful of others. But we are experienced at doing that now. We’ve been wearing our masks in public places and being mindful of who we spend time with.

Let’s remember those who didn’t make it either in life or in business. Let’s continue to support those who are struggling. And let’s look forward with hope and optimism and a vision of health and greater good to come in the year ahead. Let’s be the ones who want to do what the lyrics say:

I want to feed the babies
Who can’t get enough to eat
I want to shoe the children
New shoes on their feet
I want to house the people
Living in the street
Oh, there
There’s a solution


There is always a win-win solution to every challenge. May you and your family have a holiday season filled with light, love, peace and promise. May your New Year be filled with health, happiness and greater prosperity.

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