A New Scam Just In Time For The Holidays


Just in time for the holiday season it looks like the criminal minds have come up with a brand new way to scare people out of their hard-earned money.

I have to admit, the scammers are no dummies. They do their research and hit people where they know it will hurt the most if they don’t pay up.

The scam ‘artists’ are now targeting people posing as utility company representatives. They are using the exact same scare tactics they use as fake representatives of the IRS. And, this time, they’ve kicked it up a notch.

Scammers posing as your utility provider use phone, in-person and online tactics to target customers and steal money.

They actually might even come knocking on your door! Talk about confidence! You do know that is the word that ‘con-man’ comes from, right? Confidence man = con man or woman. The criminal world offers equal opportunities for men and women.So, however they show up, they may threaten to turn off power to your home or business or tell you to put money on a prepaid debit card and ask for the card number. Don’t believe it. No legitimate business is going to threaten their customers.

Be extra suspicious if you get a call.

Scammers can actually rig caller ID to make it look like the call is from a service provider. So, make sure to ask questions and don’t be threatened. Just hang up the phone, call your utility provider and report the incident.

Criminals use technology to their advantage. If you get an unexpected visit or call from someone saying they are from the power, water or natural gas company, be on guard. If they request immediate payment – especially by prepaid debit card – it is a scam.

Stay safe during the holidays. May you be blessed and never scammed.

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