A Queen in Her Own Mind for Tax Fraud, She Only Reigns Behind Bars

She may be the self-appointed queen of tax fraud, but her longest reign will be in a secure facility where she will receive anything but royal treatment. According to a recent Forbes article, Rashia Wilson received a 21-year sentence for tax fraud twice. So no matter how far and wide she believed her persuasive powers extended prior to getting caught she now has a new title: “inmate.”

The Forbes Article quoted Ms. Wilson as arrogantly saying, “I’M RASHIA, THE QUEEN OF IRS TAX FRAUD… I’m a millionaire for the record, so if U think indicting me will B easy it won’t, I promise you! U need more than black and white to hold me down N that’s to da rat who went N told, as if 1st lady don’t have da TPD under her spell. I run Tampa right now.”

No longer a resident of the sunshine state, the soon-to-be, if not already forgotten queen of stealing from innocent taxpayers is now residing in Alabama, according to the Forbes article, “at Aliceville Federal Correctional Institute in Alabama.”

I often have people asking me two questions, which this Forbes article also raised. First, how long of a prison sentence can you get for tax fraud? And, how far back can the IRS go in order to pursue someone believed to be involved in tax fraud?

The answer to the first question is easy. I like the Forbes answer which states, “Longer than you might think.” The tax fraud queen got 21 years, however another Florida man received a 27-year sentence.

So, if you know someone who is considering any kind of tax fraud, I advise you to suggest they think about their freedom and perhaps reconsider. Which leads to the second question. How far back can the IRS go? Typically the IRS only goes back six years. However, in tax fraud cases the time is much greater and can depend on many factors. One of the most important factors is the clock that runs on tax evasion cases. Each instance of fraud or tax evasion has its own separate clock which can extend the reach of the IRS further than you might think.

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