Current Tax News is Mixed Bag of Good, Bad and Ugly


If you’ve been hankering for some relevant tax related news that might help you this time of year, it’s been pretty dismal. All you’ve been hearing about is the hoopla surrounding the Presidential election and the constant focus on Trump’s taxes. Unfortunately, the second most popular tax related news story has to do with tax scams.

Despite the news coverage and continuous warnings from the IRS, taxpayers are still falling into the scammers trap.

I hate it when I hear how frequently unsuspecting taxpayers are scammed. However, I am happy to be able to report that some progress is being made. I like sharing information about any kind of progress that’s made, which often is slim to none.

According to an article posted on, just a few weeks ago, dozens of arrests were made outside of Mumbai, India. A large call center was in business specifically to scam American taxpayers. The way it worked was the call center employees sent mass text messages to roughly 10,000 American’s cell phone numbers. If recipients called back, according to the article, “the call center employees would introduce themselves as “Christopher” or “Daniel” and speak with an American accent, impersonating IRS officers. They would then warn the victims that the local police or IRS agents would raid their homes within 30 minutes unless they sent an immediate payment.”

You may think you’d never fall for such a scam, but the article continued to report that, “The call center was certainly getting a return on its investment. The local authorities believe the IRS scam was collecting some $90,000 to $150,000 a day and had been operating for a year.”

So, be alert. Don’t lose focus no matter what’s going on. Keep your senses about you if you get any kind of threatening call from anyone posing as an IRS agent. The IRS typically only contacts tax payers by regular mail.

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