Don’t Let Your Financial Information Get “Smished”


You’ve probably heard of ‘phishing’, the email ploy that scammers have been using for years to get personal information that helps them steal identities and file false tax returns. And, it comes as no surprise that, as we move deeper into the digital world, a new way of bilking people out of their financial information has emerged. It’s called ‘smishing’ and works with SMS technology.

With more than 20 billion text messages sent every day, of course the crooks have found a way to use SMS technology to their advantage.

Smishing involves a scam text.

You may receive a text saying there is a problem with one of your financial accounts. The text will ask you for data. Or they may offer low-cost mortgages or credit cards or promise free gift cards. If anyone responds and sends their confidential personal information, that info is then used to steal their identity.

The wild thing about this SMS technology is that millions of ‘smishing’ text can be launched simultaneously. The numbers game is exponentially improved.

As always, it is important to protect your cell phone number.

And never follow a text’s instruction to push a designated key to opt out of future messages. That’s another of the criminals’ subtle techniques.

In this digital age, criminals are finding more ways to access private information and are able to file fake tax returns. The last thing you want to happen is to find out that someone has already filed taxes in your name.

The tax filing deadline is here. If you haven’t taken care of your taxes yet, there’s no time like right now. Give our office a call and we will help you file or request an extension.

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