Everyone Hates Paying Taxes Especially IRS Employees

taxes-226718_640Even though the annual deadline for most individual taxpayers is behind us, taxes are paid quarterly by many businesses and some people haven’t been able to pay what they owe the IRS yet, so taxes are on the minds of many Americans year round. It’s a sore subject because no one really likes to pay taxes. It’s just one of those “necessary evils.”

Most people do pay their taxes even though they don’t like it. But when you hear that over a 10 year period 20% of IRS employees are behind in paying their taxes, maybe those folks who don’t work for that government agency won’t beat themselves up so badly for not being able to pay their taxes.  According to a Washington Examiner article, at the IRS, “there were 18,300 cases of this in the last 10 years, in an agency with roughly 85,000 employees.” 

Not only do the IRS employees not pay their taxes, they outright cheat, as the Washington Examiner reported, “1,580 IRS employees were caught intentionally cheating on their taxes between 2003 and 2014. These are not mere tax delinquents — people who filed honestly but couldn’t afford to send payment in a timely fashion. Rather, these are people who were caught willfully and knowingly breaking the law in order to reduce the amount they would have to send to the IRS — the very agency where they work.”

Most taxpayers who fall behind on their taxes do so through honest mistakes or true misfortune. These are the people I look forward to representing and helping negotiate ways of responsibly honoring their IRS debts. By law the IRS is required to terminate employees who cheat on their taxes or do not pay. But they don’t.

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