Get Social With The IRS

IRS social media

The Internal Revenue Service is not the kind of bureaucratic organization one thinks of as being “social.”

Yet, come to find out the IRS has a Facebook page and a Twitter account. They’re on LinkedIn and have a YouTube Channel. And they’ve just announced they’ve opened an Instagram account! Who knew they were so social? I guess, like so many others, the IRS really just wants people to like them.

I’m not sure what one would share or how one interacts with the IRS on these social accounts. Who responds when someone asks a question? It’s impossible to get a human being on the phone these days and the depth of information one can get from those who do answer the phone at the IRS leaves much to be desired. I do see the logic behind these accounts though. After all, the millennial generation only texts or tweets or communicates through Instagram. So, maybe the IRS will continue to appeal to this demographic. Maybe someday in the not too distant future you’ll be able to Venmo your taxes to the IRS or pay through Paypal.

The real question is, can you negotiate with the IRS through any of these social mediums if you’ve failed to file or pay your taxes?

Absolutely not. You still need an experienced tax attorney.

So far, according to, the new Instagram account, “…will help make people aware of important options they have during the upcoming filing season as well as other tax information they might not be aware.” The article states the objective of reaching younger taxpayers. The article states, “Over 70 percent of U.S. young adults between 18 and 24 are active on Instagram, according to research cited by the IRS. The agency intends to use Instagram to better serve this demographic segment, in addition to offering information on tax topics that affect all taxpayers.”

I appreciate the value of social media in my business.

I guess the IRS is no different. If you need help getting out of trouble with the IRS, get social with me. If you simply want to be friends with the IRS, by all means, you have a multitude of ways to get social with them.

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