When Your Tax Resolution Firm Tries to Scare You, It Might Be Time to Part Ways

“If you owe back taxes and don’t pay them today, the IRS CAN put a lien on your house!”

“Do you owe back-taxes? Call now before the IRS puts a lien on your home and bank accounts!”

Scare tactics like these are common in our industry, as well as unrealistic promises of making all of your problems magically disappear. If you talk to a tax resolution firm that uses scare tactics and big promises in an effort to “SELL” you on their services, you might want to take a step back and reevaluate whether or not they’re the best option for you.

Unfortunately, many of our clients are refugees from firms like these. When they come to us, they’re in worse shape than when they started.

If you’re already working with one of these firms and feel uneasy about the work they’re doing for you, give us a call before you get in any deeper with them. If you are considering hiring a firm that’s promising you results that sound too good to be true, it’s not too late to seek a second opinion. Contact us today to discuss exactly what you should be looking for in a tax resolution firm: http://www.irsallstar.com/contact-us.

A few things to consider before hiring a tax resolution firm:

1.     Did they ask you to fill out a Form 433 on your own, after you sent them a power of attorney?

2.     Are they filing your unfiled or back returns for outstanding tax years? Are you sure? If not, you need to be!

3.     How long has the tax resolution company been in business?

Visit http://www.irsallstar.com/our-services#4 to see why the answers to these questions are so important.

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