The IRS Won’t Stop Hounding Me – What Do I Do?

Dealing with the IRS is frustrating at best, and debilitating at worst.

The system is complicated, making it easy for taxpayers to mess up their returns and find themselves facing outrageous charges, penalties or other serious repercussions. One of those serious repercussions is having a Revenue Officer assigned to your case.

Revenue Officers are like coonhounds, relentless in their one purpose: to collect IRS back taxes. They’re extensively trained in this area, and use weapons such as liens, levies and seizures into cornering you for the catch.

At The Willis Firm, we believe in helping the underdog.

In the case of taxpayer versus IRS, that is you. To level the playing field when a Revenue Officer has been assigned to your case, we offer Revenue Officer Assistance. When you’re not represented, the Revenue Officer assumes they’ve won the game; however, with us on your team, they’re in for a huge surprise.

If you’re tired of getting calls, letters and constant requests from the IRS to pay your taxes in full – if you can’t deal with the stress and embarrassment of having the Revenue Officer show up at your home or work anymore – or if you just want to put the whole ugly mess behind you once and for all, give us a call today at 877-254-4254 or visit to see how we help people like you deal with the IRS bloodhounds that are Revenue Officers.

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