Beware of Phone Calls from the “IRS” – Most Likely a Scam

People have enough worries when it comes to paying their taxes without having to deal with scams.

Sadly, that’s just one more issue taxpayers have to deal with according to reports by NBC reporters. Individuals across the country are getting calls from the “IRS” telling them that they owe more money, and that if the individual doesn’t pay up right away, the agency will be “forced to take legal action.” And these scammers don’t let up – one victim claims that they call her at least three times a day.

Unfortunately, these scam artists do their homework before contacting victims – in many cases they know the last four digits of their victim’s social security number, making their scheme more convincing. However, no matter how convincing the caller may seem numerous State Attorneys General offices and the Federal Department of Consumer Protection urge individuals to hang up on these con artists immediately and contact the authorities. Furthermore, the IRS says that if you owe them money, they will not call you; they will send you written notification via mail.

If you believe that you’re the victim of an IRS scam, or if you suspect a loved one is, visit us at or contact us at 877-254-4254 to see how we can best help you.

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