Rapper Inspires Students to Get Out of Debt

Photo Credit:Flickr/kowarski

I have to admit I’m not the biggest fan of rap music. I am, however, a fan of any young person making music to encourage peers to pay attention to their financial responsibilities.

What I’ve discovered over the years in my tax resolution practice is that many adults who end up in tax troubles are those who have been struggling for years, even decades, to repay student loans.

I heard about the rapper Dee-1 and an event featuring him on the LSU campus in New Orleans too late to post information for my readers. I’m sorry about that, but there is an important lesson to learn from Dee-1.

According to the article I came across, Dee-1 has a viral hit called “Sallie Mae Back,” which has had over 900,000 views on YouTube. Well, now it has at least 900,001 because I watched it. And I liked it.

The song is about the liberating feeling Dee-1 experienced after paying off his student loan. I agree with the article, which stated, “Students struggling to repay college loans, or falling deeper into debt, or having no idea how to keep from going over the financial falls could find the answer in music.”

Anyone owing student loans may not find “the answer” to those issues, but they could be encouraged to do everything possible to satisfy those debts and keep from getting into deeper financial troubles.

Dee-1’s lyrics tell the story of the hard work it takes to pay off student loans. The article states, “He raps about avoiding multiple calls from Sallie Mae (the main government-aligned lending institution) asking for payments while he was working two jobs — an honest reality, he says, for many students who are working but cannot afford to pay off debts.”

The video begins with text on the screen stating that, “over $1.2 trillion is owed in student loan debt throughout the United States.” Even if you’re not a huge fan of rap, you might find yourself inspired to do the same and experience the joy Dee-1 did when he finally paid “Sallie Mae Back”!

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