John Willis Answers Your Tax Questions Live on WEBY Radio

Local Attorney John Willis of and The Willis Firm, PC will be a guest on WEBY radio this Wednesday, Sept. 10th at 4pm. Mr. Willis is ready to take on your tax problems live and in person, offering guidance and invaluable advice. Any issues you may be having with the IRS, from tax liens to garnishments to tax levies and more, may be answered during his interview on WEBY radio.

A respected tax attorney and published author, Mr. Willis has appeared in USA Today, as well as on ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX affiliates around the country. WEBY host, Terence A. Gross, is a personal injury attorney who has actually referred some of his clients to Mr. Willis for tax help in the past, and has invited him to speak to taxpayers in person during the show.

Mr. Willis will be taking calls from taxpayers beginning at 4 PM on September 10th. If you owe the IRS money, have a tax levy or tax lien against you or your business, or you’re afraid that the IRS is going to take your money and your property, Mr. Willis will be available to answer your questions. The IRS All Star team knows the game that the IRS is playing, and is ready to provide you a workable plan that will allow you to win that game.

Listen to Mr. Willis live at 4 PM on September 10th at the following link:

Mr. Willis is an experienced Gulf Coast tax attorney, a member of the Florida and Alabama Bar and is admitted to practice in front of the U.S. Tax Court. He can represent taxpayers before the IRS anywhere in the United States, and he can give you the answers you need to help solve your IRS tax problems.

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