The IRS is Handing Delinquent Taxpayers Over to Private Collection Agencies

delinquent taxpayers

Do you know what happens when a company hands an account over to a collection agency?

It typically means that your account is really delinquent and that the collection agency will hound you day and night by phone, letter and any other means at their disposal to collect your outstanding bill.

The Internal Revenue Service announced recently that it plans to begin private collection of certain overdue federal tax debts this Spring.

The IRS is hiring four private contractors to carry out the program. But if you are on the list, rest assured that these firms must treat you with respect. And due to the recent IRS phone scams where criminals have been impersonating IRS representatives, you will need to be on guard.

So if you’re behind on paying your taxes and have not yet set up an installment agreement payment plan or come to an agreement for an Offer in Compromise (OIC), you may want to contact our office or another reputable and experienced tax resolution firm to represent you and make amends with the IRS before your account gets handed over to a private collection company.

Taking the initiative to at least begin a course of repayment will help to make you look better to the IRS.

And, once you get started, it isn’t as frightening as it may seem when you consider that your other option is to just stick your head in the sand and hope the problem will go away.

You may be losing sleep or feeling stressed out due to this unresolved IRS issue. Wouldn’t it be a great way to start off the New Year by taking control of this issue and taking care of this outstanding debt? We’ve helped hundreds of people just like you get their lives and their health back. Give us a call to get started before the IRS turns your file over to a private collection agency.

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