The Season Of Thanks And Giving And Scamming

tax scam

There’s a new tax scam just in time for the holidays.

Just in time for the first festive celebration of the holiday season, The Internal Revenue Service is cautioning taxpayers as well as tax professionals to beware of a new twist on an old scam. And this one can be especially scary. Criminal scammers call people and threaten to cancel their Social Security number if they don’t pay their taxes.

According to an email sent by the IRS, the scammers claim to be able to suspend or cancel the victim’s Social Security Number. They’re robocalling and leaving voicemails. And the scam seems to be working pretty well. It actually scares people into returning the calls.

If you make it through Thanksgiving without getting a call from the scammers be grateful. When most people let their guard down and relax, which is what happens during the holidays, the scammers seem to kick into high gear.

The IRS’s position on this scam is as follows.

If you receive a call threatening to suspend your SSN for an unpaid tax bill, just hang up. Don’t even both to question the caller. Make no mistake. It’s a scam. Go back to your Thanksgiving feast and be grateful that you are aware of the tricks scammers are pulling. Some people won’t be so well informed.

Remember, the IRS does not contact taxpayers by phone, email or text. And they never use threats. The IRS treats taxpayers respectfully, and the only way the IRS will contact you is through the regular mail on official IRS stationary.

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