So You Didn’t File Your Taxes This Past Tax Season?

Some people think of tax season like Christmas because they are getting a big refund. For many others, tax season isn’t so jolly.

A large percentage of working Americans end up owing additional taxes at the end of the season, even when they’ve been paying throughout the year. When this happens, and they can’t pay their bill, they decide to not file at all. They just put off dealing with the IRS altogether. If you’re strapped for cash and thinking about doing this, don’t!

It is not uncommon for people to panic at the idea of owing taxes and simply decide to skip filing and paying their bill at all. Here at The Willis Firm we deal with these situations all of the time and it wouldn’t surprise us if that is exactly what you chose to do.

We would like to encourage you to face your fears and keep out of trouble by taking the following actions:

1.     File your return as soon as possible – it’s better late than never!

2.     Contact an experienced professional tax attorney

At The Willis Firm, we’re on your side no matter what, and we want to help you make it through these trying times with the IRS! By doing things right from the start, you have a much better chance at success going up against the IRS.

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