When A Good Taxpayer Runs Into A Naughty Tax Preparer

Sometimes you might wonder how regular folks get into IRS trouble.

There are a multitude of reasons for this happening. It could be the result of job loss, illness or divorce among others. The worst, however is when your tax preparer is the cause of your troubles.

I keep my eye out for unscrupulous tax preparers who practice in my neck of the woods. The most recent one I came across was in AccountingToday.com news on their tax fraud blotter. According to the article, “Preparer Kushauntia Jones, owner of Mobile Express Tax and Accounting Service, has been sentenced to 20 years in jail after pleading guilty to tax evasion and computer fraud.”

The sad (and funny) thing about the story is that Ms. Jones initially blamed the numerous irregularities on the tax returns her company prepared on the computer! These kinds of people in the business rarely take responsibility for the actions and always blame someone or something else. Kind of like “the dog ate my homework”. Poor excuse.

After digging deeper, the investigators spoke with numerous Mobile clients. The article states that the clients “were unaware of the fraudulent returns submitted on their behalf.” According to the story, it was “also determined that Jones would prepare a written return with the proper information and would present the correct return to the taxpayer for their signature and records.”

This is one way unscrupulous preparers fool their clients. They then e-file a fraudulent return and increase the amount of the refund owed to the taxpayer. This is was Jones did and, she then would “direct the state and federal government to deposit the additional funds into her business account.”

Fortunately there are more honest tax preparers than there are those like Jones. However, you must be careful when you hire someone to prepare and file your taxes.

Getting into IRS trouble is much easier than getting out. If you are in trouble with the IRS due to the criminal behavior of your tax preparer or any other reason, give IRSAllstar a call. You need the attention of a serious, experienced and dedicated attorney.

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