You May Be Surprised To Discover That The IRS Has Christmas Spirit


One doesn’t normally place ‘Holiday Spirit’ and ‘The IRS’ in the same sentence.

Don’t get too excited just yet! And don’t worry, they are not handing out Christmas bonuses! This outpouring of Christmas spirit is limited to a certain group of taxpayers – or actually non-taxpayers – those who are on the IRS naughty list and are in line to have their wages garnished. If that speaks to you, then you may take a very small sigh of relief – at least until the end of the year.

It is traditional at the IRS not to issue wage garnishments during the last three weeks of December. That may seem like the IRS embodies the very essence of the holiday spirit. It would seem so. Taxpayers who will have their wages garnished can believe that. However, the IRS has other motives that just happen to make them look ever-so-jolly and generous.

Ho-ho-ho, you had to know there was more to the story!

The truth boils down to the fact that the IRS doesn’t have a lot of resources available to arrange for a collection agreement and garnishment release during Christmas time. That’s because IRS employees, like the rest of us, like to take vacation during the latter part of December. So don’t be in a big rush to attribute the qualities of good ole’ St. Nick to the IRS!

Instead of taking a sigh of relief, you might take action and call our offices. We may be able to get your wage garnishment released before it goes into effect after the first of the New Year. (Please take note that the IRS holiday spirit does not include bank levies.)

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