delinquent taxpayers

The Pandemic Offers Opportunities For Delinquent Taxpayers

Without question the COVID-19 pandemic is tragic. The loss of life, the disruption of everyday life and the economic toll is being felt around the world. However, there is also quite a […] Read More

filing taxes

How The Coronavirus May Affect The Tax Filing Deadline

*Notice: Since this article was written many changes have been made. The most important change is that the Federal Tax Filing Deadline has been moved to July 15th. There is simply no […] Read More

filing taxes

Two Different Scenarios For Taxpayers Who Haven’t Filed A Return In Three Years

People don’t file their federal tax returns for a multitude of reasons. Some people are just plain lazy, and they think they can get by without filing. That’s just plain ignorance. Other […] Read More


Legitimate Taxpayer Refunds Delayed For Weeks Or Months

It is no secret that the IRS has problems with budget cuts and understaffing. However, instead of getting better, they seem to be getting worse. And who is suffering as a result? […] Read More

tax time

Get Ready Because Tax Time Is On The Way

Tax time is coming and there’s not a darn thing you can do to stop it or slow down its arrival. It’s just a fact of life. You can face facts or […] Read More


Thanksgiving Ushered In A Bit Of Good New From The IRS

The Internal Revenue Service issued its annual inflation adjustments for dozens of tax items and tax schedules. When you get around to filing your 2019 taxes next year, you’ll have a small […] Read More

tax fraud

As If The IRS Isn’t Scary Enough Some Tax Preparers Are Downright Spooky

Unscrupulous tax preparers are full of promises that lure people in. Not only are there tax preparers who will cause you to lose money, there are those who will also steal your […] Read More

tax mistakes

Tax Mistakes That Are Willful Or Innocently Negligent

Most people in their right mind are familiar with the concept of “ignorance of the law excuses no one.” But of course, there are always people who are going to test that […] Read More


The World Of Virtual Currency Is About To Get Real IRS Scrutiny

It seemed too good to be true. And, like all things that appear that way, it was. Virtual currency. Cryptocurrency. It was like a dream come true for investors. Tax free income […] Read More

IRS Lien

What To Do When You Receive A Real Or Fake IRS Lien Notice

The IRS sends out lien notices to taxpayers who do not pay their federal taxes. You know who you are. However, if you have not yet received a lien notice from the […] Read More