tax time

Get Ready Because Tax Time Is On The Way

Tax time is coming and there’s not a darn thing you can do to stop it or slow down its arrival. It’s just a fact of life. You can face facts or […] Read More


Thanksgiving Ushered In A Bit Of Good New From The IRS

The Internal Revenue Service issued its annual inflation adjustments for dozens of tax items and tax schedules. When you get around to filing your 2019 taxes next year, you’ll have a small […] Read More

tax fraud

As If The IRS Isn’t Scary Enough Some Tax Preparers Are Downright Spooky

Unscrupulous tax preparers are full of promises that lure people in. Not only are there tax preparers who will cause you to lose money, there are those who will also steal your […] Read More

tax mistakes

Tax Mistakes That Are Willful Or Innocently Negligent

Most people in their right mind are familiar with the concept of “ignorance of the law excuses no one.” But of course, there are always people who are going to test that […] Read More


The World Of Virtual Currency Is About To Get Real IRS Scrutiny

It seemed too good to be true. And, like all things that appear that way, it was. Virtual currency. Cryptocurrency. It was like a dream come true for investors. Tax free income […] Read More

IRS Lien

What To Do When You Receive A Real Or Fake IRS Lien Notice

The IRS sends out lien notices to taxpayers who do not pay their federal taxes. You know who you are. However, if you have not yet received a lien notice from the […] Read More

late filing penalty

Penalties Go Up For Late Tax Filers

Chronically late tax filers know all about the penalties the IRS charges. People who file late typically owe the IRS. It’s rarely the other way around. However, this year The Internal Revenue […] Read More

Tax Gap

Top Taxpayer Mistake To Avoid And How The IRS Plans To Close The Tax Gap

Tax season is over! However, the repercussions of the 2018 tax year on individual taxpayers are still reverberating. That’s due to this being the first full year after the passing of the […] Read More

tax scam

Scammers Now Impersonating U.S. Tax Court Staff

I’ve been alerting readers to the multitude of tax scams that have reached plague-like proportions over the years. The news media has been getting the word out about the scams and the […] Read More

tax extension

Tax Filing Extensions For Some And Maybe For All

Taxes Are Due April 15th. Maybe. With the 2018 April 15th tax filing deadline just a month away there are those in Washington and other parts of the country hoping to have […] Read More