Tax Filing Deadline Is Back

The much-appreciated 3-month extension for filing and paying federal taxes is coming to an end. And there’s no avoiding it any longer. Tax Day 2020 is July 15th, and the chronic procrastinators […] Read More

You’re Not Alone If You Threw Your Stimulus Money Away

The news that the U.S. government was giving every American individual and family with specific incomes a stimulus payment during this pandemic was received with a great sense of relief. However, there […] Read More

The Stimulus You Need To File Your 2019 Taxes Now

Without question, it was good news to have the 2019 tax filing date moved to July 15th in the midst of dealing with a global pandemic. With that date now just a […] Read More

Really, Your Check Is In The Mail

You’ve heard from friends, colleagues, acquaintances and family members that they’ve received their stimulus checks. Yet, you still haven’t received yours and you know you meet all of the qualifications. So, what’s […] Read More

Don’t Pass Up The Perfect Opportunity That This Pandemic Presents

I wrote about this topic last month and am going to harp on it once again. (See my April Article entitled Pandemic Opportunity) The reason why I’m sticking with this is that […] Read More


Programs To Help Small Business And Taxpayers Navigate Through Uncharted Territory

We’re living in an unprecedented time. No doubt this COVID-19 pandemic is the most devastating event that those of us living today are likely to experience. We thought 9/11 was the singular […] Read More


The IRS Is Making House Calls

That unexpected knock at your door could be the IRS. Do not be mistaken. A house call by the IRS is not like a house call made by a doctor in the […] Read More

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Uncle Sam Sweeps The Oscars

It happens every year. First come the Oscars, then comes the April tax filing deadline. And, I can just imagine Uncle Sam greedily rubbing his palms together as he watches the show, […] Read More

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Calling All Early Birds For The Official Start Of 2019 Tax Filing Season

The IRS has announced the official opening of the 2019 tax filing season. They will begin accepting and processing tax returns on Jan. 27, 2020. As always, there are quite a few […] Read More


You May Be Surprised To Discover That The IRS Has Christmas Spirit

One doesn’t normally place ‘Holiday Spirit’ and ‘The IRS’ in the same sentence. Don’t get too excited just yet! And don’t worry, they are not handing out Christmas bonuses! This outpouring of […] Read More