Tax Resolution Attorney John P. Willis Encourages Taxpayers To Act Quickly And File Taxes Due To The Strong Potential There’ll Be Another Government Shutdown

Tax resolution attorney John Willis, CEO and founder of IRSALLSTAR acknowledges there could be another government shutdown that will delay expected refunds and encourages taxpayers to file as soon as possible.

Fairhope, AL, February 19, 2019: Tax Attorney John Willis, CEO and founder of, recently published a blog on his website entitled “Get Your Taxes Filed Before Another Government Shutdown,” in which Mr. Willis says another shutdown may be imminent.

Willis says, “Don’t think of April 15th as your tax deadline. Not this year.” He goes on to emphasize, “The sooner you file your taxes, the better. That’s because, come February 15th, the government could be shut down again if POTUS doesn’t get the budget for the wall he so desperately wants to build.”

As Willis points out, “That subject is not in my wheel-house so I’ll keep this discussion to taxes and the need to get yours filed as quickly as possible, especially if you think you’ll be getting a refund.” He continues, “Even if you are expecting a refund, with the changes made in last year’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, you may be getting much less than you expect. You might even discover that you won’t be getting a refund and that you owe taxes this year.”

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Mr. Willis believes strongly in supporting and representing the “underdog” and has devoted his entire professional life to protecting and defending those who need it most. As an attorney, Mr. Willis takes his role as “counselor” seriously. His knowledge, creativity and persistence are valuable assets that provide substantial benefits to his clients. He has represented individuals and businesses across the Gulf Coast for over 19 years and, he brings together an abundance of skills and experience that can be of assistance to almost anyone.


The IRSALLSTAR team has developed a winning formula to ensure that each client’s individual needs are specifically met. Upon becoming a client of Mr. Willis’ law firm, that client’s immediate needs are assessed, and long-term goals are defined. Experienced professionals on the IRSALLSTAR team then assist each client in developing and implementing a custom-tailored game plan to provide both short-term and long-term relief from his or her serious tax problems. All firm clients are continually coached toward successful tax resolution and final victory over their challenges with the IRS and state taxing authorities.

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