Tax Resolution Attorney John P. Willis, Spreads The Word About New Tax Refund Scam

Tax resolution attorney John Willis, CEO and founder of IRSALLSTAR, keeps his readers informed about the latest tax scam thieves are using to deposit refunds into real bank accounts.

Fairhope, AL, February 27, 2018: Tax Attorney John Willis, CEO and founder of, recently posted a new article on his website entitled “New Tax Scam Deposits Refunds In Your Bank Account.” Mr. Willis admits that, “It’s difficult keeping up with the criminal mind!” He adds, “Just when you thought you’d heard of every tax scam imaginable, another one pops up. And this one is trickier, smarter and more dangerous than ever!”

Willis elaborates writing, “The IRS just issued an alert to watch for unexpected IRS refunds being deposited into your personal bank account.” He emphasizes, “Yes, the scammers now have real bank account information and they have erroneous refunds deposited into those real accounts.”

Willis explains how the scam works. “Thieves use phishing and other schemes to steal client data from tax professionals. Then, using that information, they file fraudulent tax returns and use the taxpayers’ real bank accounts to deposit erroneous tax refunds.” “Finally, after the refunds are deposited,” Willis states, “the thieves, posing as IRS or other law enforcement, call attention to the error and ask taxpayers to return the money to them.”

“You may wonder why the thieves would go to such lengths,” writes Willis, adding, “The answer is that they are smart. They know it is more difficult to identify and halt fraudulent tax returns when they are using real client data such as income, dependents, credits, and deductions.” He continues adding, “It’s also harder to track when criminals can find alternative ways to get the fraudulent refunds delivered directly to themselves by the taxpayers. The days of stealing checks out of mailboxes are over.”

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